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Are you looking to impress your wedding guests (and treat yourself!) with a deliciously unique dessert option?

Marine Ices exquisite gelato has delighted many brides, grooms and wedding parties and makes an indulgent treat that your guests will remember. From salted caramel & tiramisu to mango sorbet, we offer a delicious range of flavours to cater for all cultures and tastes. We can supply to weddings of all sizes from the small and intimate to grand wedding banquets.


Evoking a taste of sunshine all year round. Delicious and delightful; you’ve not experienced the real taste of authentic Italian Gelato until you’ve tried Marine Ices

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Supplying Your Caterers

If you so wish, we can supply our gelato direct to your chosen wedding caterer, so that they can pair it with other desserts or scoop and present multiple flavours together for your guests to enjoy.

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We are happy to supply you direct at trade prices so you can serve gelato to your guests and will do our best to come up with serving ideas that complement your wedding theme. Single portion tubs are convenient and easy to serve. A scoop of gelato in a miniature waffle cone makes an unusual and stylish dessert canapé. We can supply all the scoops, cones, cone-holders and tubs you need.

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Whether you run a restaurant, shop, or feel like our gelato can bring value to your business, call us on 0207 428 3399, or send us a message - and we’ll be happy to talk through becoming your gelato supplier.

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